01 February 2012

So F*%king Cold!- Some Pictures


It's -8 Cº here tonight.  Last night Robert came to meet me and my tandem speaking partner Alex at a cafe and there was ice in his hair by the time he arrived.  It is DAMN COLD!  Shit, I'm from California, and even the coldest day at the beach does not compare to the absolute, inescapable pain of this cold.  I go outside in layer upon layer, only my cheeks showing, and feel that small teeth are sinking into me.  Cold.  And this weekend I'm going somewhere even colder: Prague! 
I haven't been to Praha in four years, and Robert's never been.  We had already planned our trip, and then I got a call from Jana today asking me if I'd like to perform at this:
It's a Women's New Circus Festival.  Of course I said yes!
Anyway, I'm not sure if I will go out into the cold, cold night again this evening or not, but below are some pictures of exactly how cold it is.  FREEZING!

Crow on ice.  This is in the middle of the canal. Usually the spot where this bird is standing is a slow moving current of water.  But it is Febuary in Berlin, and the Canal is frozen.

Frozen canal.  Brrr!

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