30 January 2012

Reggie Watts at Festaal Kreuzberg

Festaal Kreuzberg
 After my last post, I have to also say that there are some things I really love about my living situation, but well, it's just not ideal.  But enough about that.  I want to talk about last night!
Robert and I waiting for the show to start.  God, we are so cute it just makes you want to puke, don't it?
Last night, Robert and I went to Festaal Kreuzberg, a concert venue near Kottbusser Tor, to see Reggie Watts.  You could call Reggie Watts a comedian, a beatboxer, a musician, and still, you wouldn't really be describing him accurately.  See, the only category Reggie Watts fits in, truly, is the Reggie Watts category.  He is a delightful and adorable giant.  Really, he has the aura of a big, cuddly muppet.  He comes out onstage and he is just HUGE!  His presence, not only physical but also energetic just fills the space.
It was his first time in Berlin and he spoke some very funny fake German.  I laughed so hard at some of his statements I thought my head would explode.
Reggie creates a love song at the keyboard.  There was also something about a cheese sandwich and the human digestive system in this song.  Bizarre, but when you're improvising, you just go with it.
Reggie doesn't have a playlist.  He doesn't do covers.  He doesn't do the songs that you know and you want to hear.  He just improvises, off the hoof, for about 2 hours.  Not Just musical improvising, but talking and storytelling, too.  The man is intelligetn, witty, and hilarious.  In his improvisations, he covered the topics of pop and electronic music, a post-modern mash-up of history, biology and human anatomy, and of course, romance.  DAMN!  Some funny shit.  And did I mention, this man is TALENTED!  One second, I felt like I was at a comedy club and then, for the next five minutes, I might as well have been at some hardcore techno dance party.  Honestly, Kid Beyond nothing.  It's true, there are a lot of folks out there who have really good beatboxing technique and are good with a loopstation, but NONE of them have the captivating and absolutely committed character of Reggie Watts.  I wish I could share some of his jokes with you, but I think you just sort of had to be there...

This video was at the beginning of the show.  Unfortunately, I did not capture the introduction, which was basically him introducing a classical orchestra and making up names of violinists in a hushed, upper class commentator sort of voice.  

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