16 February 2012

An offer, a trade, your name in lights!

Hello lovely readers,

Hard times are upon us, and I am afraid about a few things:

1) That my blog will become nothing more than a list of whining complaints of an American in Berlin
2) That I will run out of money before I get SF this summer
3) That you will stop reading.

So, my dear readers, I have an offer for you.  I will be taking assignments!  Is there a question that you have about German culture or life in Berlin that you'd like answered?  Maybe you'd like a personal report of a site here in the capital of Germany that you've read about.  Maybe you are interested in the queer/underground culture here, or you want a profile on the many districts of this city.

For just $10-$20 USD I will write a custom blog entry tailored to your taste!  If interested, you can send your assignment along with your donation by clicking the Paypal DONATE button on this blog!

I look forward to your assignment requests!

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