13 December 2011

Mein Deutschkurs ist schlecht!

Today in my German class, my teacher yelled at me for asking a question.  I wanted him to explain something.  Apparently, he didn't want to.
It is really sad to me when teachers are bad.  I love to teach.  Yes, it takes a little effort to develop a good lesson plan, but it is also FUN to implement!  This guy doesn't do lesson plans.  He does the workbook and the the CD that comes with it.  Any attempt at fun with the language, any wave to the idea of poetry is seen as mutiny and must be crushed.  I am sure there are good teachers at the VHS, but Rüdiger Stapel is not one of them.
I will not return for the last 3 days of class.  Instead, I will do this and I will probably be more successful because I care and there is no one yelling at me for asking why. Yech.

In other news, I got severely scolded for taking a photo of fresh bread at the Lidl today.  I am proud to say that I handled the whole exchange in German, though it did result in me deleting my photo.  Oh well.
Then I went to buy my Monatskarte.  A woman behind the counter helped me.  I stumbled with the German language.
"Speak English!"  One of the men behind the counter incredulously commanded.
"Nein.  Ich spreche Deutsch!  Ich bin lernen!"
The woman was patient with me.  Let me find the words.
I need to find a German speaking group where English is simply not allowed.  Suggestions?