13 December 2011

Etwas Fotos!

"Every Time We Fist, We Win!" Neukölln 

This is the water tower at the Ostkreuz S-Bahn station.  Up close, the brickwork is really quite beautiful.  If Christo did something with this structure, it would be a could condom commercial, don't you think?

New Second Hand. Umm...

The Fool of Boxhagenerstraße

Near Franfurter Tor

This giant saltwater tank is part of the Aquadome but is in the lobby of the Radisson Hotel at Alexanderplatz.

Public Guerilla Art at the corner of Warschauerstraße and Revalerstraße

These guys were playing Bach at Alexanderplatz.  An accordion trio? Heaven. 
I believe they meant "Life of Brian."

Jesus House.  I guess he lives in Wedding.  Who knew?

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