25 October 2011

Ich liebe mein Leben!

After the darkness must come light.  And light there is in the life of Harvey Rabbit, a clown in Berlin!  Not only do I have a room in a home in Kruezberg with people that I already know but would like to know better, but this evening I landed a job with an American family.  The mother is American, from New York.  I do not know if dad is in the icture, but Io, the 2 and a half year old girl, is adorable, confident and smart.  I begin work on Friday and then will (if it all works out) be doing four days (three nights) the week of November 8th.  I have never done overnight childcare before, but now is the time.  I will have roughly 7 hours free in the daytime between dropping Io off at her Kita (preschool) and picking her up.  Then it's kid time until around 7 or 8 and then I read, use the internet (how unusual) or maybe mom has TV.  It would be really good for me to watch some Deutsch TV as fr as language is concerned.  I have really been missing Bones lately.  I wonder if I can find it in German.  Hmm.  Oh, when you open yourself to possiblility, sometimes things just work out!

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