28 September 2012

Language Mistakes

The every-growing family of cats!

I used to be such a regular blogger!  But lately I've been so busy I can hardly chain a sentence together.  Since I last wrote, I taught a six-hour clown intensive and had a small, non-speaking role in a film.  It's nice to get paid!  Other then that, it's been me, the sewing machine, and the hopes that my art will sell.  In a few hours, I'll have a photo shoot of me and my work with Nathan Wright at Cozmic Photos. Nathan is a really nice and non-sleazy individual.  If you're in Berlin and looking to get some high-quality photos taken, give Nathan a call.  I suggest him!
I'll be sure to post the best pictures from today here on the blog.
It's come to my attention that I have not been writing at all!  What a shame!  It used to be something I was so good at.  But now I don't find the time, dear audience, to share with you the incessant ticking of the white plastic clock in this German kitchen, or the children's temper tantrums that ricochet from the yard below up the walls to my 3rd story window. 
But I'll share a brief story with you now.  (Before you read this, you should know that in German, the vowel set "ei" is pronounced like the English "I," whereas "ie" is pronounce like the English "ee.")

A few days ago, while walking down Badstrasse in Wedding, I saw a sign at a produce stand: Feigen , 3 Stuck 1€. (Translation: 3 figs, 1€) Yummy! I held out a Euro and said to the produce man, "3 Fiegen, bitte!"
Robert mumbled "Feigen," under his breath.
"Oh!" I turned bright red, because what I had said sounded an awful lot like Ficken.  (Look it up.) "Feigen!  3 Stuck Feigen, bitte."  I could hardly look the young man in the face as he handed me my fruit, for with my mispronunciation, I had just requested this man to do an incredibly intimate thing to me. 3 times! For 1 euro! Oops.


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