23 August 2012

Mein Nähemaschine ist kaput

My sewing machine busted, and I have to make 30 more of these guys. Help!

I lugged my Bernina sewing machinefrom the US all the way to Germany.  Today I bought a converter plug for it, came home and set it up.  I threaded the machine, put in the bobbin and got ready!  Sewing in my own room!  The feeling of home!  I. Was Excited.
I placed the fabric under the needle and turned on the machine.  I depressed the pedal and began sewing.  But something was wrong.  Tension problems.  Okay, I began futzing with the tension knob.  Tried again. Nothing.  I few more tries.  Still nothing.  Not better.  Not worse.  Nothing.  Then I smell burning.  Then a loud popping sound and smoke. 
Robert called around for me a little bit.  No one will repair it because it is too old.  If I kept searching, I could probably find someone, but the repair would be astronomically expensive.  I have a deadline coming up and tons of sewing to do.  I had just finished setting up a corner of my room like a studio so I could be very productive, unrushed, pay a lot of attention to detail and make good art.  And now I have to buy a new sewing machine.  I didn't really budget for this, but I don't really see any other way that won't drive me insane.  I have an exhibition of my soft sculptures that opens on November 2nd, but need to finish the majority of my work by the last week of September for a publicity photo shoot.

So here is my shameless plea, again, for you to fund my really amazing art.  There is a "Donate" button on this blog connected to my Paypal account.  If you are looking to fund a project in a very concrete way, where you donate the money and it goes DIRECTLY to helping the art get made, look no further.  I don't need that much, as far as art funding goes.  $350 to $400 USD will buy me what I need to crank these sculptures out.  Of course, it takes a village.  I don't expect one person to just shell out the whole thing.  So here's the deal:  You donate more than $50 and I send you a soft sculpture.  You donate more that $100 and you get a soft sculpture and some kind of original, functional fabric item as well.  So, how about it.


  1. Thank you Maryl Gearhart and Geoff Saxe. I am once again stunned by your generosity and belief in me as an artist. Expect some original fabric art in the mail before February of 2013.