18 August 2012

Mein Gepäck wurde gefunden!

That's right!  I am waiting for it to be delivered right now!  Truly, I am relieved. 
Geez, it only took 5 days, but now I will be reunited with my Lacie backup drive, my underwear, the majority of my clothing, the rest of my artwork and my camera battery charger!  (I can start taking photos again!  Oh happy day!)

Yesterday I went to Shakespeare im Park, a free performance in Görlitzer Park to see an INCREDIBLY strange production of Utopia by Thomas Moore.  I can only imagine that this is what the Open Theater must have been like.  The production moved throughout the park, pushed gender roles and sexuality to what might be a limit for free, open air theater, and was also, at times, hilarious.  Sorry, I will not write I lengthy review because the buzzer just rang which means MY BAG HAS ARRIVED! 
I now have almost all of my things in one place! 
What's left I will pick up in Prague on August 27th!  Wow, and now, I create my space and begin my life here.  For real!

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