07 April 2012

Neverending Buckets of Stress

Lots and lots of pictures in this post, but first for neverending buckets of stress!  Woohoo!  How, you're asking.  How can it be?  Berlin is a big party town where everyone drinks Jägermeister until 5 am, right?
Maybe that's your Berlin, but it sure as hell ain't mine. 
I did my American taxes and was really excited that I didn't owe anything.  I had saved a fair-sized chunk of cash to pay to the IRS, but it was all mine!  Happy day!  I bought my return ticket to Berlin for August 14th and breathed a little easier knowing that the date of my return to Germany had been set.  I paid my rent.  I breathed a little easier still.
Then I got a bill from the TK (public insurance company that is not currently insuring me) for 255,97€.  They said they wanted it paid in full by April 10th or they would charge me a 5% late fee on what I owed every month.  I called to contest the late fee, saying that I could pay on a monthly basis.  "Sorry," said the woman on the other end of the line, "We can't waive the fee."  So I wrote them a letter telling them that I would pay the whole 255,97€ by July 10th, after I've gotten a few paychecks from the summer camp I'm working at.  I showed it to Robert and he helped me turn it into more formal German.  Crisis number one averted.
Crisis number two came this morning when my boss at the summer camp said she would give my job to somebody else if I couldn't make the first day of training on the 30th.  Problem was, all my plane tickets had already been purchased. 
May 27th, bus to London, arrive May 28th
May 29th fly from London Heathrow to Newark, NJ
May 30th fly from JFK to Oakland and arrive at 8:30 pm
Problem was, the meeting was from 6 to 9.
So today I had to buy another plane ticket from a different airline that leaves JFK at 6 am and gets to SFO by 9:30 am.  Cancellation fee for my Jet Blue ticket was $100 and I could only get the remaining $78.80 in flight credit, which I won't be using because Jet Blue flies in North America only.  I then emailed my boss my itinerary and asked for a job contract.  I am, once again, in a financial shithole.  I will feel a little better once I get a reply from her, but seriously man, I can't get a break.  I get leads to possible performance gigs that lead nowhere.  I'm onstage with an Improv Troupe EVERY WEEK and I am good!  But there's no money.  And I don't mean there's only 10 or 20€.  I mean NONE!  I am potentially gaining a new performance partner, and I am having a lot of fun, but I'm also worried about starving!
I met with an artist today who wants to make little fanzine/graphic novels.  Cool!  I'm into it!  But there's no money.  What is a girl to do?  I'm smart, talented, broke, and speak crappy German, but I'll tell you one thing.  When I get back here, I'm finding myself a job.  ANY JOB that has steady pay.  Oy!   Enough about me.  Here are some pictures with funny captions.

A few weekends ago, Robert and I decided to go to Treptower Park.  The S-Bahn wasn't running and we had to take the bus.  Robert DOES NOT like the bus.  Look at this pouty face!

Spring is here!  At least it was a few weeks ago.  Now it's cold and rainy again.  In fact, it might even snow.

New thrift-store dress, Treptower Park

There used to be an Amusement Park in Treptower Park.  It's closed now.  Sort of creepy!  You can see it in the movie "Hannah" which is in German and English

This was once an entrance to Funland!

Dead Amusement Park, Treptower Park

I want to live in this trailer! Dead Amusement Park, Treptower Park

Dead Amusement Park, Treptower Park

There is an overpriced cafe at the dead amusement park.  You can sit and eat in this! Treptower Park

And for 2€ this train will take you around the whole thing.  It is my dream in life to one day be the crusty carny who drives this thing.

Trepower Park

Graffiti, Kottbusserstrasse

Springtime, Friedenau cemetery

Fresh grave, Friedenau cemetery

Billboard Mod, Weserstrasse


  1. Cool photos! Cute pouty boyfriend.

  2. heyy....hopefully things are better by now! I also had to make some changes and move things around a lot to make it to those training nights!!!!! PS...I didn't know Robert was such a diva! hahaha jk