30 April 2012

My trip to the Zoo with Mom

My Mom and my Aunt Thomasin came to Berlin!  They went to a lot of museums and such.  I went with them to a few places, but my favorite day by far was when I went to the Berlin Zoo with my mom.  I'm always skeptical of zoos, but this one was very good.  The animals seemed happy, healthy and had ample space to roam and be themselves.  I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Elephants are always tricky.  It's easy to find fault with an enclosure for a creature this large.  This beast seemed really happy.  She kept waving at us with her trunk.

This Impala has great camoflauge.

This guy seems pretty relaxed.

Mandrils are so strange

The Orangutan enclosure was HUGE!  This juvenile orangutan was playing peek-a-boo under a blanket.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of the male who looked like a giant orange muppet.

The Gorilla enclosure was also large.  There were a male, female and some juveniles.  I watched them for a long, long time.  This male gorilla really intrigued me.  Powerful, gentle, and he looks so much like my dad.


Evidently, this chimp likes to pose like a pinup on his blanket.

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  1. You take such great photos! It was a wonderful day.