14 March 2012

Some photos

There's a lot to write, I suppose, but I don't really feel like writing at the moment.  Still, these photos are nice.
Paleolithic Cuisine?  What?  The place was one of those organic, we-grow-it and-make-it all-from-scratch type cafes that you find in the Bay Area.  A little pretentious, expensive, a place you'd go after yoga or a high-colonic enema.  But Paleolithic?  I guess they're trying to say that they don't using modern preservatives, but I'm not sure they don't serve fossils.  Hmm.
 These big frogs are on Weserstraße just a few blocks past Silver Future.  There is also a Theatre/Circus space there, Maneg3, for youth, I think.  The design of the whole place makes me smile.

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  1. Paleolithic is one Rebecca and I recently ran across! We found a education center on it. I'll get you a link.