18 March 2012

Jonathon Coulton

Recently I acquired the Jonathon Coulton Discography.  Since I've been in Berlin, I've had a lot of problems with my iTunes.  To be honest, I haven't been listening to a lot of music.  And I haven't been listening to a lot of songwriters. 
Jonathon Coulton, what can I say?  You put my in stitches with your space-invaders/robot obsession and obvious internet addiction and bring me to tears with your poignant ballads about love, alienation, and childhood. 
I love "The Town Crotch" on Thing A Week 1. It's a love song, actually.  See, there's this girl, a senior in high school, who is good to go anytime.  She has a reputation.  She's the chick that the guys get their rocks off with and then treat like shit.  She lets them because she wants to feel good about herself, like people are attracted to her.  She needs so much validation.  But this guy, he loves her in a beautiful, innocent way.  And it's because she makes him feel special, wanted.  She's got that flirtatious magic about her that makes her feel beautiful.  A tale told in the first person with vulnerability and compassion, the song is no-frills, raw and real.
"Podsafe Christmas Song," on the same album, cracks me up.  It makes jabs at the RIAA and is sung in an absolutely Saccharin manner.  He's also got a song about Ikea, which I've posted before, and love songs to his Shop Vac as well as his Laptop.
Jonathon Coulton, you activate the creative synapses in my brain.  Thanks for your strange, honest, and witty lyrics.  You inspire me.

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