23 May 2012


I have moved into my long-term home in Berlin one week before I leave for 10 weeks.  It's ironic that I finally, after 8 months, have a place to call home and the timing is such that I am leaving for the US on May 28th, therefore truncating my adjustment period.  The flat is great!  My room is 17 q.m!  It feels giant.  Thanks to Sedrik getting rid of a few items, I also now have some furniture!  No couch yet, but I have two dresser/shelve type things to store my clothing in and a makeshift "closet" on the wall I made out of a curtain rod I found on the street and a few brackets.  I found someone to rent my room while I am away, so that's a relief.  I will just have to wait to properly set up my space until I return in August.  The room did come with a large table, perfect for sewing!  And I will be doing plenty of this when I return because I got my first art exhibition at a store/gallery called Other Nature.  I'll be showing my soft sculptures.  The opening is on November 2nd! 
I really wish I were more excited to come back to the States.  But the truth is, I'm nervous.  How bad will the culture shock be?  I know I've changed, but will people on the outside notice, and will they still like me?  I haven't worked with groups of kids for a long time.  How will that be?  And I will miss Robert.  It's only 10 weeks, I know.  But it seems like a very long time, especially to be away from someone I love.
But enough of that!  Let's talk about my new neighborhood, Wedding.  I live on Soldinerstrasse, which is awesome.  There is a Penny Markt (chain grocery store, like Safeway) on the corner.  The cheapest toilet paper they have is a brand called "Happy End."  Does anyone else think that's as funny as I do?  I also live right next to the Panke River, which you can see from Sedrik's window.  Across the street, on the corner by the bus stop is a vending machine with a big red ribbon painted on it.  I thought it was going to be for condoms, but it wasn't!  For 1€, the machine vends to you a disposable needle, an alcohol wipe, and some other things you might need in order to do intravenous drugs more safely.  I think this machine is awesome, because if you're an addict and your going to shoot up, let's face it, not having a clean needle is not going to stop you.  In San Francisco, we have some needle exchange programs.  They are free, but you still have to show up to them.  This vending machine is 24-hour.  You just have to get there.
I'm not supporting the use of IV drugs.  Honestly, I don't think one should use.  But if one is going to, I want them to be safe about it. Go harm-reduction vending machine!
I went on a walk today along the Walter-Nickutz promenade, which travels alongside the Panke River.  Below are some photos from my walk and also photos I took a while ago but haven't had opportunity to post.

Weserstrasse, Neukölln

This is a detail of a very tall sculpture in some mall near Gendarmenmarkt. The material? Crushed cars!

Crushed Car tower

Treptower Park.  All these locks, what does it mean?

East Side Gallery

East Side Gallery

East Side Gallery

East Side Gallery

Panke River.  This is right across the street from me!

Walter-Nickutz Promenade

Walter-Nickutz Promenade
At first I thought they were spider webs...

but I was wrong! 

These are some sort of weird cocoon or chrysalis (I think.)  Tons of caterpillars were in there!

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  1. The locks.. they are all around Europe, on bridges. They are the latest fashion: newly married couples engrave or write their names on it and lock it, on a bridge. :)

    Happy to see you're settling into a home.. finally !!

    Talk soon? We're due.
    Say hi to Robert for me. xx